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Watch A Movie is a project developed by myself, Titan, I've made plenty of sites over the past years including sites such as I Need A Match a music sharing platform and I Need A Movie and movie streaming service (Similar to this one). I've put my past decade worth of experience, trial and error and preferences to create "Watch A Movie".

As a personal pet peeve, I hate advertisements, who doesn't right ? So I've made my process as automated and cheap as possible so I can provide the least ads possible. Currently we have only advertisements on the home page blended in with the actual content as well as a single advertisement on our player... No pop ads, no spammy ads!

As our other services become more profitable we can slowly remove more advertisements from this site!

We have plenty of features here to make yourself at home, we have our profile pages where you can add your social links, pick a custom username and even write a little bit about yourself. We also have a comments section on all videos and shows so you can share your thoughts and discuss with others what you thought about the show or movie and who knows what I've got planned for the future.

Talking about the future, the future is now and we've added a chatbox on our home page for everyone to use, come and chat with us! More planned in the future.