Watch A Movie is a project developed by myself, Titan, I've made plenty of sites over the past years including sites such as I Need A Match a music sharing platform and I Need A Movie and movie streaming service (Similar to this one). I've put my past decade worth of experience, trial and error and preferences to create "Watch A Movie".

Watch A Movie is a new portal to watching your favourite movies and shows, I've tried to provide a visual style that you should find easy to use as well as easy on the eyes. I've also created the website with options in mind, so there's various qualities available for streaming such as 360p, 480p and 720p. Sorry 1080p and 4k people it just simply requires too much storage to store those qualities, maybe in the future ?

As a personal pet peeve, I hate advertisements, who doesn't right ? So I've made my process as automated and cheap as possible so I can provide the least ads possible. While the future isn't set I only ever plan to have preroll advertisements and mid / end roll advertisements (based on the duration) just to try and keep the site afloat, profit is not the key here, a community is.

We have plenty of features here to make yourself at home, we have our profile pages where you can add your social links, pick a custom username and even write a little bit about yourself. We also have a comments section on all videos and shows so you can share your thoughts and discuss with others what you thought about the show or movie and who knows what I've got planned for the future.

For ease of access I've also developed a mobile app for Android users as well as a nice responsive mobile theme for those that don't like downloading dodgy apps or for those who just prefer to use your browser, so give it a download or load up chrome and get commenting, watch and binging.