Create A Mirror

Here at Watch A Movie we believe more is better, so we've made a tutorial in order to help you make an exact copy of Watch A Movie, you'll have your own users as well as been able to use your own ads etc, however you'll get our movies and shows! Please bare in mind this may be buggy and not 100% working when importing movies on a second or third run, any bugs just email us at [email protected].


Hosting or VPS

Firstly download our site files, these will be updated incrementally to keep the site up to date, if you make any changes after initial mirroring then please don't redownload these otherwise it'll overwrite the edits you've done.

Site files can be downloaded here:

Once these have downloaded upload them to your own hosting or server. Next step is to download our initial database which is a blank slate and contains just admin login details, you need to create your own database in your panel and download ours then execute the .sql file.

Database can be downloaded here: htps://

Next step is downloading our movie list, you can EITHER add your own movies using our scraper, which kindly supplies you with download links and embed links, or you can import our movie dump which once a week will be updated with our movies. You can use a cronjob to automatically download this and execute this database, or you can do it manually by download it below.

Movie Dump download here:

Movie Scraper with Download and Embed links:

Final step is to change your config file to include the new database as this script uses null database details, navigate to the following, /app/config/db.config.php and rename and then insert your database information where prompted and then save the file. Once done your site should now work.

Default login is:

[email protected]

Possible bugs:

Importing movie_dump.sql after adding your own movies may result in error.
Cronjob may timeout as we're using cloudflare and it maybe deemed spam.

Restrictions: will not contain our RSS Feeds, Scraper or our Sitemap Generator, we do offer a paid service to include these email us at [email protected].
Your site will contain our movies which we will get the revenue from if you use the movie_dump.sql.
Your site may include other ads of ours which we use via APIs, these can be removed however we don't offer a service to do this for you.