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Privacy Policy

Here at Watch A Movie we don't collect any data automatically, we only collect the data you provide. When creating a profile you're presented with giving us the following information:

Email Address*
Social Media Links

Only the information you provide in these places will be stored on our servers. This information apart from your Email Address are publicly visible so please don't put anything here you don't want others seeing. Due to us collecting so little information we can guarantee your privacy and security as we don't collect information such as Geo and IP**.

We do not sell or give your email address out to any 3rd party services and any breaches if any we'll email you to the email you provided letting you know of the breach. We do use a 3rd party advertisement provider which can be found in our affiliates page which may use your advertising ID to provide relevant advertisements. If 3rd party ad providers are present on the site you may be prompted with an agree cookies option, denying cookies if any may restrict access to the site.

With the inclusion of our discord server, you agree that by signing into the Watch A Movie server you offer your details to Discord themselves. As it's a 3rd party service we offer no guarantee about your details on their service. All we can suggest is using a new account for your 'questionable' social needs.

We hope to be 100% transparent in the information we gather and any changes we make in the future will be reflected on this page.

*Marks required information in order to have an account here.
**Due to the nature of 3rd party websites, we cannot guarantee that 3rd party sites don't collect this data.
***Any updates to this page may be done at anytime and we may not let you know, please check back regularly.

Updated 24.09.2021