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Site Rules

Here's the Rules and Guidelines for a safe and pleasant time at Watch A Movie, please read through these and familiarise yourself with them as breaching any rules and guidelines may result in your account being suspended or banned.

Comments Section:
We provide this section for people to talk about the shows and movies, the following rules are to keep the site nice for everyone

  • No spoilers, unless using the spoiler tag provided.
  • No hateful content such as Racism and Discriminatory comments, unless not directed at a user and in contexts the movie or show.
  • No sharing content to external websites as we can't vet them all. Allowed websites are and
  • No promoting external services or websites.
  • No requesting in the comments section we have a chat box for this.

Live Chats on Live Programming:

We provide this feature for everyone to enjoy live content together, however due the vast amount of Live Programming we unfortunately cannot moderate all of these, due to this limitation Live Programming Chat Boxes will not be monitored. We will periodically check them for people been a general nuisance and removing those from the site. If people abuse this feature too often it will be removed.

General Chat box:
This for everyone to have a chat but it does follow the following rules

  • No hateful or malicious content towards any member of the site.
  • Derogatory terms are allow if pertaining to a movie or a show and not at a member of the site.
  • No spoilers for new and upcoming movies, we're all here for the same thing why ruin it ?
  • Requests may not be replied to due to numerous people chatting, don't spam requests..
  • No linking to external content unless its a request then please provide IMDb or TMDb links.
  • No self promoting or promoting external sites and services.

General Guidelines:

  • If you see someone breaking the rules then please just report the topic under "other".
  • Do not click links to external sites, we cannot guarantee your safety on those sites.