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We've had recent reports of our videos not working for certain people, below is a list of problems we're aware of and ways to resolve them, please give these a read and a test before reporting the content as not working.

People have started to notice us, important people:

As we now serve around 1 million people monthly it makes sense that internet service providers have noticed us and our video host. We've had reports that Comcast in US has blocked our video host which will result in our videos not working. You can test this by visiting our video host directly at 

If the video host doesn't load then you can try with a VPN or a Proxy as there's not much we can do to resolve this as it's directly from your internet provider. If the video host does load then it's not been blocked by your ISP and could be any of the below problems.

Adblockers such as Ublock Origin and ABP:

We're 99% advertisement free and only use a single preroll before the video starts which can be skipped after 5 seconds, due to this our video player will not work with an adblock installed (unless it's a really good one) and this may stop your video loading.

You can disable your adblock for this specific site which should relieve these problems. If removing an adblock then try another solution below.

Old mobile devices:

We own a wide rang of devices which we have tested our site on and can be checked here at It's likely that an older device such as an iPhone 6 or Samsung S8 just doesn't support the technology required to use our video player. If you're device does work then drop us a message in our Discord channel so we can add it to the list of supported devices.

Browser support:

Currently due to constraints of the browser, we do not support Safari, however we have tested FireFox, Chrome and Edge.

If after trying these steps your videos aren't still loading then please report the content as it might genuinely be broken as well as joining the Discord above and letting us know.

Happy Watching!